Alterations Costs:

Hem: $10.00 per layer (tulle is considered a layer)

Attaching Pre-Made Sleeve: $25.00

Add Halter or Sleeve: $35.00-$45.00

Take Fabric from Skirt for Sleeve: $10.00

Take In: $35.00-$55.00

Adjust or Attach Spaghetti Strap: $10.00

Take up Halter: $15.00

Modesty Panel: $15.00-$25.00

Take Shoulder (1in or larger) seam up: $15.00-$20.00

Take shoulder seam up w/sleeve: $35.00

Jacket: $35.00 – $45.00

*Short sleeve: customer provides ¾ yard of lining and ¾ yard of outer fabric)

*Long sleeve: customer provides 1 yard of lining and 1 yard of outer fabric.)

Rush Fees:

Peak Season (September, February—May)

2 weeks regular turn around no rush

1 and ½ weeks $5.00 rush fee

1 week $10.00 rush fee

Under 1 week $15.00 rush fee

Off season (June-August, October-January)

1 week regular turn around no rush

Within 4-6 days $10.00 rush fee

Within 1-3 days $20.00 rush fee

Halter Top

Halter made with extra fabric that came with the dress

Price : $35.00

Provided Fabric Strap

Straps made with fabric that customer went and got to match her dress

Price : $35.00

Hem into a High-Low

Customer wanted dress hemmed into a high-low dress from the original sleek dress

Price : $20.00

Skirt Made Straps Alteration

Wide straps made with fabric from the skirt of the dress

Price : $45.00

Pre-made Strap Alteration

Pre-made wide straps that came with the dress attached and panel made in the front bust with fabric provided by customer

Price : $40.00

Wide Strap Alteration

Wide strap added with fabric provided by customer

Price : $35.00